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Lebel & Bouliane is Designlines Magazine's Designer of the Year!

We are honoured to be recognized as Designlines Magazine’s Designer of the Year!

From Designlines: “Heading a studio of just eight, Natasha Lebel and Luc Bouliane may seem to hold unlikely seats at the table of notables ushering in a new era of contemporary Canadian design. But then, Lebel & Bouliane is not your average boutique firm. For one thing, they’ve all but ignored a mainstay of modern architecture: the cube. […] Small but nimble, L&B has opted to sit out the condo boom to helm some of the city’s most exciting adaptive reuse projects.”

Read the whole article here: Designlines Designer of the Year

Dezeen: Sidewalk Labs Toronto Offices Occupy Fishery Renovated by Lebel & Bouliane

Froom Dezeen: “A black geometric volume evocative of a ship defines these spacious offices for Sidewalk Labs in Toronto, where the Google-owned company is planning an ambitious "future city" neighbourhood.

Designed by local studio Lebel & Bouliane, the Sidewalks Labs Toronto offices are based within a former fish processing plant in Toronto's Port Lands, an industrial area beside Lake Ontario.

The 15,000-square-foot (1,393-square-metre) workspace provides New York City-based Sidewalk Labs – operated by Google parent company Alphabet – a base from which to research and experiment with urban innovations for the high-tech neighbourhood it hopes to build nearby. “

Read more here: https://www.dezeen.com/2019/01/07/sidewalk-labs-toronto-office-lebel-bouliane/

Designlines Magazine: Turns Out This Essential Canadian Design Story is Really Corny
Photo: Arash Moallemi for Designlines Magazine

Photo: Arash Moallemi for Designlines Magazine

Our Museum of Dufferin Renovation is now open to the public! We highly recommend you go check out this charming museum if you’re in the neighborhood over the Holidays.

From Designlines Magazine: “Once ubiquitous, the rare glassware is now coveted. Every year, aficionados travel to the MoD’s outpost 100 kilometres from Toronto to trade sherbet goblets, cocktail tumblers and punch bowls. They undergo seminars to spot copies, and to certify (if they’re lucky) newly unearthed artifacts.

This October, the Museum’s permanent collection is reborn via a gallery renovation led by Toronto’s Lebel & Bouliane. The firm’s signature angled forms infuse the space with a sense of drama and scale. Sparkling artifacts in colours like Twilight purple and Vaseline green are underlit with LED pads, to gem-like effect. It’s a fitting touch; while no one has quite determined the crown jewels of Canadian glassware design, Hughes’s one-of-a-kind creations no doubt deserve a place at the table.”

Read More here: https://designlinesmagazine.com/cornflower-glass/?utm_source=Azure+Publishing+Master+List&utm_campaign=4717cd81bc-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_06_11_12_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e11956ee05-4717cd81bc-61031485&mc_cid=4717cd81bc&mc_eid=4c096ba933

DesignLines: Relmar House by Luc Bouliane Features a Light-Filled Atrium

Relmar House has been featured in DesignLines Magazine!

From DesignLines Magazine:

“For an empty-nester couple, Luc Bouliane finds simple but effective ways to integrate features for aging in place without compromising on beauty […] The house is rectilinear but cranked – a box that has been twisted at the hands of a giant. “We’re con­tem­por­ary in terms of our design, but we don’t take the rigidity of minimalism to heart,” says the architect, who worked closely on the project with Erik Bornstein, the owners’ son and manager of the building firm Mazenga. […] Bouliane’s design flexibility enabled him to optimize space and light. A corner of the kitchen island is cut off to maximize floor space, and the southern wall of the west-facing balcony is set at an imperfect 95-degree angle to catch just a bit more of the late-day sun.” Read More

Azure Magazine: These Next-Level Canadian Tech Offices Think Outside the Cubicle

Sidewalk Labs has been featured in Azure Magazine as an innovative tech-office for the next generation!

From Azure Magazine: 

"There are so many interesting experiments, collaborations and happenings taking place inside 307, Sidewalk Labs’ Toronto HQ, that you might not notice the design. Which is possibly what makes this a perfect hub for the Google/Alphabet entity’s waterfront development. Working inside the good bones of an existing former fish processing plant in the Portlands, Toronto architecture firm Lebel & Bouliane “peeled back the decades of modern renovations” to the 1,400-square-metre space and then implemented a number of interventions.

A dramatic geometric entrance desk welcomes visitors in. It’s clad in plywood – the predominant material that was also used for the ceiling slats above – and shaped like a ship’s hull. Through an alcove – currently animated by a dappled-light canopy by Parasoleil – you come upon a glazed boardroom and the double-height prototyping space. The firm calls it the XXL Workshop Space and it is where all the real action takes place."

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Algoma University in Canadian Architect
4- Algoma U_Interior View.jpg

Renderings created by Lebel & Bouliane for Algoma University's new School of Buisiness and Economics has been featured in an article in Canadian Architect Magazine. 

From Canadian Architect:

"At last week’s official launch event for the new School of Business & Economics, Lebel & Bouliane’s schematic renderings for the project were shown to the public for the first time. Described by Algoma University as a “state of the art” facility, the building will feature a striking form “influenced by the region’s geography,” along with a design ethos that privileges natural light and strives to foster social connections. The conceptual renderings also depict a  warm material palette of wood, brick, granite and limestone, all materials native to northern Ontario."

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Algoma University Launches School of Business and Economics
3- Algoma U_Exterior View.jpg

Algoma University has launched a new School of Business and Economics with renderings and conceptual design by Lebel & Bouliane. 

From Soo Today:

"Algoma University launched its School of Business and Economics during a ceremony Tuesday, expanding upon its business programming in Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton with three and four year degrees in finance and economics.

The school will eventually be housed in what is now known as the first floor of the Arthur A. Wishart Library.

“Algoma University is entering a state of transformation and change,” said Algoma University president Asima Vezina during the launch ceremony. “Our board and senate, as well as our academic departments across the university, are engaging in exciting conversations and planning that is bold, innovative and futuristic.”

“We are excited today to share the first phase of that transformation, which focuses on developing the most highly prescribed program at our university - our business and economics program.”"

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Soo Today

Sault Star

Canadian Architect: Lebel & Bouliane unveil new HQ for Sidewalk Labs Toronto

From Canadian Architect: "Lebel & Bouliane has re-interpreted the interior of a forgotten fish processing plant in Toronto’s Portlands into the new headquarters of Sidewalk Labs in Toronto. The new HQ, dubbed “307,” will act as a testing grounds for new Sidewalk Labs initiatives and an office space for their Toronto team.

The project benefits from the intentions of the original processing plant, which was designed to optimize light and spatial efficiency. A large south-facing clerestory window, tall ceilings and a remarkably open floor plan are ideal for Sidewalk Labs’ need for flexible experimentation and exploration space. Before adding new geometry, Lebel & Bouliane carefully peeled back the decades of modern renovations to reveal and express the original character of the fish processing plant. With the original industrial structure exposed, the architects set out to purposefully and conscientiously weave a series of humble, modern forms into the character of the existing building."

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Blog TO: Sidewalk Labs just Opened its Doors to Toronto's Neighbourhood of the Future.

From Blog TO: "Once a fish processing plant, the sprawling headquarters benefit from plenty of natural light and high ceilings — exactly what you'd expect a Google-affiliated space to look like. 

Employees of Sidewalk Labs will have their offices on the second floor of the building, while the first floor reserves some space for meeting areas and a reception. The main attraction of 307, however, is its interactive space, where all the demonstrations will take place. 

The real goal of the space is prototyping: new inventions and ideas for Quayside will eventually be tested out at 307 to gauge reactions from the public. A 'feedback wall' full of sticky notes will let the Sidewalk Labs team know how users felt about the experience. "

Read More: Blog TO

Azure Magazine: Inside 307, Sidewalk Toronto's Experimental Hub

Azure Magazine has written an article about all the innovative things to explore at 307, Sidewalk Labs' New Toronto HQ, Designed by Lebel & Bouliane. 

From Azure Magazine:

"Dynamic streets, outdoor comfort zones, tall timber buildings, digital electricity and more. We stepped inside Sidewalk Labs’ 307, a newly opened prototyping space, to find out what the future of Toronto’s most anticipated (and not quite green-lit) development might look like.

Since the announcement late last year that Sidewalk Labs would develop a proposal for a chunk of Toronto’s Port Lands, the Alphabet/Google entity has hosted many roundtables, panel discussions and info sessions. This community engagement has been a proactive way of showing the city and its residents how transparent its smart-city enterprise is and will be – and of assuaging concerns about how data will be collected and personal privacy protected – and emphasizing the importance of community feedback and collaboration. But concrete details were scarce about the still-tentative project (Sidewalk Labs has been invited by Waterfront Toronto to present a plan but the city will still need to green light it) and many have struggled to visualize what Toronto’s smart city on a 12-acre L-shaped chunk of waterfront property would look like.

That changed this past weekend when Sidewalk Labs opened 307, its Lakeshore Blvd. E. hub, and shared with the public the tangible ideas it’s exploring in partnership with numerous architecture, planning, and technology firms. Over 1,000 locals dropped in to the space (designed by Lebel & Bouliane) to once again provide feedback, take in talks and participate in workshops; this time, they were also able to see and interact with physical prototypes of buildings, technologies and infrastructure." 

Read more here: https://www.azuremagazine.com/article/sidewalk-labs-307/

Designlines: Uncover Nine of Toronto’s Best Kept Secret Patios

Lebel & Bouliane's Brooklyn House was shortlisted as one of Toronto's Best Kept Secret Patios by Designlines Magazine!

From Designlines:

All in the Angles: When architect Luc Bouliane was tasked with updating a century home in Leslieville, he merged his white-washed cedar-and-aluminum-clad addition to the outdoor area by using the same material for the asymmetrical back patio. Surrounded by warm cedar fencing, hits of plant life, and comfy furniture from Freshand Hauser, it’s the perfect locale to ogle the edges of what Bouliane refers to as a “thing” – an angular nine-faced polyhedron that serves as an addition to the original brownstone.


Sidewalk Talk: The architects building Toronto’s past into its future

A very thoughtful profile of Lebel & Bouliane from Sidewalk Labs' Editorial Manger Vanessa Quirk. 

From Sidewalk Talk:

"Projects at this nexus of past and future have become a calling for Lebel & Bouliane, the Toronto-based firm Bouliane launched with partner Natasha Lebel in 2010. The firm has created a new headquarters for Cossette Media from a former World War II ammunition factory in Liberty Village; modernized York University’s Student Centre while preserving the glory of its 1991 design; and transformed a crammed corner inside of Philip Johnson’s CBC building into a spacious, light-filled contemporary workplace. Their latest adaptive reuse project will turn a former fish processing plant into “307,” an office space and innovation workshop for Sidewalk Toronto’s explorations-in-progress.

“We’re really adept at reading architecture from different periods and understanding it,” says Lebel. “It’s about the original intention, its poetic nature.”


That hyper-sensitivity to “intrusion” is critical to understanding Lebel & Bouliane’s approach. Each adaptive reuse project begins with the architects stripping the building of its more recent renovations or additions to reveal and express the original structure — and hence the building’s history. Only then do they begin to weave in their own architectural interventions, which often take the form of dramatic geometric volumes, warm natural materials, and site-responsive forms.

“We definitely try to peel back all the layers, expose what’s beautiful, and then add our language within that, in a very simple way, without trying to take it over,” says Bouliane. “So you really understand the difference between the older, original building and the new elements that we’re layering on top of it.”

Read More: Sidewalk Talk


Luc Bouliane Featured in Canadian Architect Magazine
Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 5.56.20 PM.png

Luc Bouliane has been featured in May 2018's RAIC Awards Issue of Canadian Architect. 

From Canadian Architect: 

Luc Bouliane, MRAIC, a Toronto architect whose designs are inspired by the geology of Northern Ontario, will receive the 2018 Young Architect Award of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).

“Great design and work,” said the five-member selection jury. “He’s on a different trajectory for a young office. He has pursued larger public work from the very beginning, including commercial work, which is unusual.

“His work has strong sculptural qualities,” the jury said. “It’s interesting. The spaces are dynamic in terms of composition, shapes, and forms, and the level of detail.”

The RAIC Young Architect Award recognizes architects 40 years or younger for excellence in design, leadership, and service to the profession. The award is intended to inspire other young architects to become licensed and to strive for excellence in their work.

Read more about the award here:


Blog TO: Lebel & Bouliane to design New Sidewalk Labs Toronto HQ

Lebel & Bouliane was featured in a Blog TO article about the Sidewalk Labs Quayside development and the new Sidewalk Toronto HQ (designed by Lebel & Bouliane). Sidewalk Labs will be hosting its next Public Round Table Meeting on May 3rd, 2018, we encourage everyone to go and be part of the conversation around this exciting new opportunity for Toronto! 

From Blog TO :

"There was also talk about Google leasing a waterfront office to showcase some of said technologies, but now we are learning more about where that office will be (near Lake Shore and Parliament) and how it could function.

"Sidewalk Toronto will open an office on Quayside this summer, at 307 Lake Shore Boulevard East," reads the summary report. "The office will double as a living laboratory for many of our innovation concepts and will be open to public visitors."

This is the site of Sidewalk Toronto's new base for project development prior to any renovations. Toronto-based architecture firm Lebel & Bouliane Inc. has been selected to design the new Sidewalk Labs Toronto HQ, which it says will house offices and public engagements starting this summer. Previous to this, the space was occupied by some Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment properties, including NBA TV Canada. It's all part of Sidewalk Toronto's "core planning work," which includes pilot ideas and prototypes like the recently-launched Old Toronto historical photo mapping tool and others that "remain in development."

Toronto Life: Lebel and Bouliane’s Trade Secrets

Lebel & Bouliane principals Luc and Natasha were recently featured in Toronto Life.

Luc Bouliane and Natasha Lebel are a one-stop architecture shop: their portfolio includes libraries, ad agencies and cultural spaces, along with modest (and not so modest) homes. They’re known for their sculptural interiors, which are often influenced by the couple’s obsession with geology. The formation of geodes, for example, inspired their much-lauded Relmar House: the clever, ultra-modernist semi maximizes natural light by pulling rays in through an angled skylight, and then bouncing the beams off a reflective limestone wall. The house’s stone- and brick-clad exterior and airy interior complete the geode illusion. Other rocky formations, like shale and drumlins, often help shape the geometry of their projects and how their designs relate to the landscape.

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Luc Bouliane selected as the Recipient of the 2018 RAIC Young Architect Award

Lebel & Bouliane is very proud to announce that one of our founding principals, Luc Bouliane has been selected as the recipient of this years RAIC Young Architect award! Thank you to our collaborators and clients for your dedication, trust and hard work, without you this would not have been possible. 

The RAIC Young Architect Award recognizes architects 40 years or younger for excellence in design, leadership, and service to the profession. The award is intended to inspire other young architects to become licensed and to strive for excellence in their work.

“Great design and work,” said the five-member selection jury. “He’s on a different trajectory for a young office. He has pursued larger public work from the very beginning, including commercial work, which is unusual. His work has strong sculptural qualities. The spaces are dynamic in terms of composition, shapes, and forms, and the level of detail.”

The award will be presented at the RAIC/AANB Festival of Architecture which takes place in Saint John, NB from May 30 to June 2.

More information can be found on the RAIC website

Lebel & Bouliane to Design New Distillery District Offices for Stack

Lebel & Bouliane is excited to announce that we will be designing STACK's new offices in Toronto's Distillery District. "STACK is a fee-free mobile app for personal money management [...] STACK provides a simple way for our members to understand and improve their financial health, creating a positive, sustainable relationship with their money, without the stress associated with most financial products or transactions". Project coming soon!