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Blog TO: Lebel & Bouliane to design New Sidewalk Labs Toronto HQ


Lebel & Bouliane was featured in a Blog TO article about the Sidewalk Labs Quayside development and the new Sidewalk Toronto HQ (designed by Lebel & Bouliane). Sidewalk Labs will be hosting its next Public Round Table Meeting on May 3rd, 2018, we encourage everyone to go and be part of the conversation around this exciting new opportunity for Toronto! 

From Blog TO :

"There was also talk about Google leasing a waterfront office to showcase some of said technologies, but now we are learning more about where that office will be (near Lake Shore and Parliament) and how it could function.

"Sidewalk Toronto will open an office on Quayside this summer, at 307 Lake Shore Boulevard East," reads the summary report. "The office will double as a living laboratory for many of our innovation concepts and will be open to public visitors."

This is the site of Sidewalk Toronto's new base for project development prior to any renovations. Toronto-based architecture firm Lebel & Bouliane Inc. has been selected to design the new Sidewalk Labs Toronto HQ, which it says will house offices and public engagements starting this summer. Previous to this, the space was occupied by some Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment properties, including NBA TV Canada. It's all part of Sidewalk Toronto's "core planning work," which includes pilot ideas and prototypes like the recently-launched Old Toronto historical photo mapping tool and others that "remain in development."