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Designlines Magazine: Turns Out This Essential Canadian Design Story is Really Corny

Photo: Arash Moallemi for Designlines Magazine

Photo: Arash Moallemi for Designlines Magazine

Our Museum of Dufferin Renovation is now open to the public! We highly recommend you go check out this charming museum if you’re in the neighborhood over the Holidays.

From Designlines Magazine: “Once ubiquitous, the rare glassware is now coveted. Every year, aficionados travel to the MoD’s outpost 100 kilometres from Toronto to trade sherbet goblets, cocktail tumblers and punch bowls. They undergo seminars to spot copies, and to certify (if they’re lucky) newly unearthed artifacts.

This October, the Museum’s permanent collection is reborn via a gallery renovation led by Toronto’s Lebel & Bouliane. The firm’s signature angled forms infuse the space with a sense of drama and scale. Sparkling artifacts in colours like Twilight purple and Vaseline green are underlit with LED pads, to gem-like effect. It’s a fitting touch; while no one has quite determined the crown jewels of Canadian glassware design, Hughes’s one-of-a-kind creations no doubt deserve a place at the table.”

Read More here: https://designlinesmagazine.com/cornflower-glass/?utm_source=Azure+Publishing+Master+List&utm_campaign=4717cd81bc-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_06_11_12_04&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e11956ee05-4717cd81bc-61031485&mc_cid=4717cd81bc&mc_eid=4c096ba933