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DesignLines: Relmar House by Luc Bouliane Features a Light-Filled Atrium


Relmar House has been featured in DesignLines Magazine!

From DesignLines Magazine:

“For an empty-nester couple, Luc Bouliane finds simple but effective ways to integrate features for aging in place without compromising on beauty […] The house is rectilinear but cranked – a box that has been twisted at the hands of a giant. “We’re con­tem­por­ary in terms of our design, but we don’t take the rigidity of minimalism to heart,” says the architect, who worked closely on the project with Erik Bornstein, the owners’ son and manager of the building firm Mazenga. […] Bouliane’s design flexibility enabled him to optimize space and light. A corner of the kitchen island is cut off to maximize floor space, and the southern wall of the west-facing balcony is set at an imperfect 95-degree angle to catch just a bit more of the late-day sun.” Read More