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Luc Offers Reno Tips in this Month's Issue of Designlines!


This week, we hear from three superstar architects: Vanessa Fong, whose own home Little Portugal is a beautiful union of the old and the new, Robert Kastelic – one half of the celebrated firm AKB – whose restyling of a Bennington Heights bungalow made it flat-out modern, and Luc Bouliane, who transformed a brownstone in Leslieville from boring to impressive from every angle. Here are their top tips on keeping cool during one of life’s most trying of times: the dreaded home renovation.

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Reno Tips to Save your Sanity, Money and Relationships, Part 2

UofT New College Residence III Retrofit

Fostering a common theme for the public space of the William Doo Auditorium and adjacent student spaces, L&B's proposed redesign of the communal spaces in Saucier + Perotte's iconic New College Residence building at the University of Toronto will create an enlivened community hub to anchor the building and give it greater meaning within the New College network. 

Currently in Design Development. 

Dufferin County Museum and Archives Redevelopment

Holding a significant piece of Dufferin County’s history and culture, the Dufferin County Museum & Archives has commissioned ArchLB to redevelop their Mezzanine Gallery to permanently feature the Museum’s Corn Flower Company glassware collection - including over 2,000 pieces. The new architectural language will express the beauty of the artifacts while serving as a backdrop to highlight the treasured pieces. A tremendous opportunity to inject new life into the collection, the project inspires architectural opportunities full of meaning and excitement. 

Currently in Design Development.

A Study for the Spadina Museum

Architects Luc Bouliane Recently completed a functional usage study with Lord Cultural Consulting for the Spadina Museum, one of Toronto's most unique heritage landmarks. The Museum spans several acres atop the Davenport escarpment, and its interior has been carefully restored to the lavish and creative interior design of the 20's and 30's. Focusing on the operational and long-term vision for the Spadina Museum facilities, including greenhouse, stables and garage building, the study carefully balances function, vision and the conservation of this world class estate. Get more information here.