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Lebel & Bouliane is Designlines Magazine's Designer of the Year!

We are honoured to be recognized as Designlines Magazine’s Designer of the Year!

From Designlines: “Heading a studio of just eight, Natasha Lebel and Luc Bouliane may seem to hold unlikely seats at the table of notables ushering in a new era of contemporary Canadian design. But then, Lebel & Bouliane is not your average boutique firm. For one thing, they’ve all but ignored a mainstay of modern architecture: the cube. […] Small but nimble, L&B has opted to sit out the condo boom to helm some of the city’s most exciting adaptive reuse projects.”

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Sidewalk Talk: The architects building Toronto’s past into its future

A very thoughtful profile of Lebel & Bouliane from Sidewalk Labs' Editorial Manger Vanessa Quirk. 

From Sidewalk Talk:

"Projects at this nexus of past and future have become a calling for Lebel & Bouliane, the Toronto-based firm Bouliane launched with partner Natasha Lebel in 2010. The firm has created a new headquarters for Cossette Media from a former World War II ammunition factory in Liberty Village; modernized York University’s Student Centre while preserving the glory of its 1991 design; and transformed a crammed corner inside of Philip Johnson’s CBC building into a spacious, light-filled contemporary workplace. Their latest adaptive reuse project will turn a former fish processing plant into “307,” an office space and innovation workshop for Sidewalk Toronto’s explorations-in-progress.

“We’re really adept at reading architecture from different periods and understanding it,” says Lebel. “It’s about the original intention, its poetic nature.”


That hyper-sensitivity to “intrusion” is critical to understanding Lebel & Bouliane’s approach. Each adaptive reuse project begins with the architects stripping the building of its more recent renovations or additions to reveal and express the original structure — and hence the building’s history. Only then do they begin to weave in their own architectural interventions, which often take the form of dramatic geometric volumes, warm natural materials, and site-responsive forms.

“We definitely try to peel back all the layers, expose what’s beautiful, and then add our language within that, in a very simple way, without trying to take it over,” says Bouliane. “So you really understand the difference between the older, original building and the new elements that we’re layering on top of it.”

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Toronto Life: Lebel and Bouliane’s Trade Secrets

Lebel & Bouliane principals Luc and Natasha were recently featured in Toronto Life.

Luc Bouliane and Natasha Lebel are a one-stop architecture shop: their portfolio includes libraries, ad agencies and cultural spaces, along with modest (and not so modest) homes. They’re known for their sculptural interiors, which are often influenced by the couple’s obsession with geology. The formation of geodes, for example, inspired their much-lauded Relmar House: the clever, ultra-modernist semi maximizes natural light by pulling rays in through an angled skylight, and then bouncing the beams off a reflective limestone wall. The house’s stone- and brick-clad exterior and airy interior complete the geode illusion. Other rocky formations, like shale and drumlins, often help shape the geometry of their projects and how their designs relate to the landscape.

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Lebel & Bouliane to Design New Distillery District Offices for Stack

Lebel & Bouliane is excited to announce that we will be designing STACK's new offices in Toronto's Distillery District. "STACK is a fee-free mobile app for personal money management [...] STACK provides a simple way for our members to understand and improve their financial health, creating a positive, sustainable relationship with their money, without the stress associated with most financial products or transactions". Project coming soon!

Luc Offers Reno Tips in this Month's Issue of Designlines!


This week, we hear from three superstar architects: Vanessa Fong, whose own home Little Portugal is a beautiful union of the old and the new, Robert Kastelic – one half of the celebrated firm AKB – whose restyling of a Bennington Heights bungalow made it flat-out modern, and Luc Bouliane, who transformed a brownstone in Leslieville from boring to impressive from every angle. Here are their top tips on keeping cool during one of life’s most trying of times: the dreaded home renovation.

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Reno Tips to Save your Sanity, Money and Relationships, Part 2

UofT New College Residence III Retrofit

Fostering a common theme for the public space of the William Doo Auditorium and adjacent student spaces, L&B's proposed redesign of the communal spaces in Saucier + Perotte's iconic New College Residence building at the University of Toronto will create an enlivened community hub to anchor the building and give it greater meaning within the New College network. 

Currently in Design Development. 

Dufferin County Museum and Archives Redevelopment

Holding a significant piece of Dufferin County’s history and culture, the Dufferin County Museum & Archives has commissioned ArchLB to redevelop their Mezzanine Gallery to permanently feature the Museum’s Corn Flower Company glassware collection - including over 2,000 pieces. The new architectural language will express the beauty of the artifacts while serving as a backdrop to highlight the treasured pieces. A tremendous opportunity to inject new life into the collection, the project inspires architectural opportunities full of meaning and excitement. 

Currently in Design Development.

A Study for the Spadina Museum

Architects Luc Bouliane Recently completed a functional usage study with Lord Cultural Consulting for the Spadina Museum, one of Toronto's most unique heritage landmarks. The Museum spans several acres atop the Davenport escarpment, and its interior has been carefully restored to the lavish and creative interior design of the 20's and 30's. Focusing on the operational and long-term vision for the Spadina Museum facilities, including greenhouse, stables and garage building, the study carefully balances function, vision and the conservation of this world class estate. Get more information here.

Lebel & Bouliane Receives a Tucker Design Award for Relmar Houses

We were proud to be recognized for our excellence in stone design for Relmar House last week at the Tucker Design Awards in New Orleans, LA!

Sponsored by the Building Stone Institute and the Marble Institute of America, the Tucker Design Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in the use of natural stone, through concept, design and construction.

The Relmar House(s), and other winning projects, will be featured in the Fall issue of Building Stone Magazine, hitting newsstands soon. 

Making Progress In the CBC Building

Construction is well underway at the CBC Building as Bensimon Byrne's new space begins to take shape! 

Check out the huge hole we cut in the floor to make way for the new feature stair. Leading up to the second floor from the main reception area, the stair will ease circulation between the two levels, and make a bold statement as clients walk in.   

More renderings of the stair, and the rest of the 50,000 sq ft project, can be found in our portfolio, here