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Lift & Co

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Lift & co


Located in an the old offices of the Church of Scientology in Downtown Toronto, the new headquarters of Cannabis tech start-up Lift & Co is a dynamic tribute to their brand and social culture. Inspired by the company's new brand identity - a relaxed but fresh take on Southern California Beach culture, Lebel & Bouliane crafted a dynamic and colourful office space that meets the diverse needs of the growing company. 

A stark white office space contrasts with the historical wood and brick structure of the existing building. The clean and quiet work space is broken up with colourful social and collaboration spaces. Looping banquettes are a repeated motif throughout the space, making reference to the company's new logo - the laughing ampersand. Touches of greenery add warmth and softness to the office. The three colours used in the space - Coral, Emerald and Navy -  act as informal way-finding tools, cuing staff and visitors to the moods of each space, from social to quiet and contemplative.  

On the third floor, a large central social space with two areas of bleacher seating acts as an informal presentation and event space, facilitated by a bar and kitchen. Throughout the other two floors, quieter branded moments act as backdrops for filming and photographing social content. The resulting space is bright and dynamic, with ample room for Lift & Co's growth and development. 



Client: Lift & Co

Area: 15 000 sf

Location: Toronto, ON

Publications: Toronto Life

Photos: DoubleSpace Photography