Lebel & Bouliane


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Luc Bouliane, Principal/Architect

B.Arch, M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC
Direct: +1 416.500.5927, Luc @ Arch-LB.com

Luc is a Professional Architect, licensed and insured to practice in the province of Ontario. Luc leads the design direction of the office and works very closely and successfully with industry-leading consultants to ensure that the shared vision of client and architect are met through innovative thinking, positive collaboration, effective coordination of consultants, and contract administration with client and builder.

Lebel & Bouliane was founded after 10 years as a design and Project Architect at Teeple Architects in Toronto where Luc designed and coordinated dozens of projects varying in size and scope: from British Columbia to Northern and Southern Ontario. Luc has gleaned a tremendous amount of experience working with medium-to-large scale renovations and new-builds for leading Canadian institutions, from Langara College in British Columbia to the Perimeter Institute in Ontario.

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Natasha Lebel,  Principal/Studio Director

B.Arch, MBA
Direct: +1 416.882.4385, Natasha @ Arch-LB.com

Equally footed in business and design, Natasha has worked in innovation, design and marketing with some of the largest companies in North America, such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson , and Limited Brands.

In the past fifteen years Natasha has designed branded corporate interiors, commercial exhibits, products, marketing collateral for companies in Canada and the US, as well as developing corporate strategy, marketing strategy, business plans and product innovation plans in a variety of industries (from furniture to beauty care, from manufacturing to information technology) for large firms and start-ups alike. Alongside her practice as a consultant in business and design strategy, Natasha is the Studio Director for Lebel & Bouliane, contributing significantly to project ideation, design and branding integration.

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Mieke Stethem, Project Architect

Direct: +1 416.535.5240 x 106, Mieke @ Arch-LB.com

Mieke Stethem is a licensed Architect with over 10 years of experience on projects of various sizes and program types. She is a skilled designer, technician and coordinator and has applied her skills to successfully navigate many complexities of the design and development of projects with technical and physical design challenges. She is a critical thinker, thoughtful communicator and well-organized project manager with a strong aesthetic and commitment to positive client engagement. Mieke has extensive experience as the primary client contact and has successfully coordinated and directed the management and execution of internal and external design teams, engineering teams, project budgets and construction timelines.

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Thilani Rajarathna, Architect

M.Arch, OAA
Direct: +1 416.535.5240 x 105, Thilani @ Arch-LB.com

Thilani Rajarathna is a licensed Architect registered with the OAA. Her strengths lie in her ability to solve design problems while maintaining a clear project design philosophy to find the right design solution. Prior to joining Lebel & Bouliane, Thilani was a Job Captain at Cumulus Architects Inc., Teeple Architects and Paul Raff Studio. 

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Claire Kurtin, Intern Architect

BAS, M.Arch
Direct: +1 416.535.5240 x 104, Claire @ Arch-LB.com

Claire Kurtin is an Intern Architect currently working towards licensure with the OAA. She has worked on a wide variety of projects from schools to airports to museums, in offices from Paris (EDCM Architectes) to the Yukon (Kobayashi + Zedda Architects) to Toronto (KPMB Architects). Claire is a thoughtful designer with a great attention to detail.

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Dave Holborn, Intern Architect

BAS, M.Arch
Direct: +1 416.535.5240 x 103, Dave @ Arch-LB.com

Dave Holborn is an Intern Architect currently working towards licensure with the OAA. He is a technically adept designer with a strong spatial sense, a commitment to creative design solutions and a keen interest in employing the use of physical craft in design exploration. He has worked on a wide variety of projects both nationally and internationally where he has honed his architectural design and graphic communication skills.


Tiffany Tse, Intern Architect

BAS, M.Arch
Direct: +1 416.535.5240 x 102, Tiffany @ Arch-LB.com